Welcome to Circle Dancing for All

What is Circle Dancing?

Circle Dancing is a collection of dances and music from around the world.Some of the dances are traditional and some are choreographed. The dances have a wide variety of form and mood, from slow and meditative to the frankly energetic and celebratory.

A Community Form of Dance

Circle Dancing is inclusive and welcoming for people of all ages.Circle Dancing is light to moderate rhythmical exercise. Good for the memory and coordination,meaningful and uplifting,it broadens our understanding of different cultures through music and dance.and most of all Circle Dancing is a wonderful way to have fun and make friends.

Who is Circle Dancing for?

Circle Dancing is for people of all ages,abilities and levels of fitness who want to dance. Many forms of social dance require agility and stamina which can exclude many people. Fortunately Circle Dancing is very versatile and adaptable. For every energetic dance there is a gentle one to follow. The ethos is non competitive. We say 'There are no mistakes merely variations!'. Dances can be adapted to suit those with physical restrictions. No partner is needed and no special footwear or clothing is required.

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